A Dwelling Place for God

Sermon from December 9, 2018. The text is Luke 1:26-38

Challenge: Take 20 minutes this week to be a place for God. First, take 10 minutes to be alone with God. Second, take 10 minutes to be alone with someone else who needs some encouragement.

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Plumb Line For Leaders

Sermon from January 13, 2019. The text is Titus 1:5-9.

Challenge: Read the hymn, “I Believe”, daily this week and reflect on the truth about it teaches.


I do believe the Bible, the blessed word of God,

For life unto its promises I cleave;

It points me to the pathway the saints and martyrs trod,

My Father is its author, and I believe.



Yes, I believe the Bible the blessed word of God,

It marks the path his people all have trod;

The Story from Creation, Way through to “Revelation,”

Bears proof of inspiration, And I believe


It was my parents’ counsel, to them its truths were grand,

And mempry oft a picture sweet doth weave,

Of that “old-fashioned Bible that lay upon the stand,”

In life, in death it saved them, and I believe.


I once was lost and dying in darkness and despair,

And o’re my lost condition long time grieved,

Until I searched the Bible and read of Jesus there,

Who sweetly blest and saved me, when I believed.


Bold infidels may cavil, and scorn the blessed Book,

And with a false hope, too, themselves deceive;

And yet the while the Bible gives life to those who look,

With faith upon its pages, and I believe.


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The Firm Foundation

Sermon from January 6, 2019. The text is Titus 1:1-4.

Challenge: Two years ago, we used a Thanks Living Jar? Who remembers that? For me recovering the items of thanks proved a little cumbersome. So, this year I would challenge us to use a “Gratitude Attitude Memory Book”. Get a loose leaf notebook, a composition notebook, or a spiral notebook and label it as your 2019 Gratitude Attitude Memory Book.

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Sermon from December 30, 2019. The text is Luke 2:11-19.

Challenge: As you think of God’s wonder in your life, list the 5 most significant events in your life in 2018. What made each one so significant?

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Sermon Challenges 2019

I have just published a resource for those of you who may follow my sermon blogs. This book provides a convenient place to record your progress of the sermon challenges with which I conclude my messages. It is available from Amazon in either a paperback or kindle format.

Not only does it contain pages to record the challenges for the upcoming year (2019), but the book also contains the challenges from 2017 and 2018. This allows you to explore your relationship with an exercise designed to bring you closer to God. I offer this book as a resource to enhance your spiritual journey and your relationship with God.

Sermon Challenges 2019 Paperback – December 30, 2018

 See all 2 formats and editions



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God in the Manger

Sermon on December 23, 2018. The text is Luke 2:1-7.

Challenge: Take time before Christmas and go for a walk. Recall the events, which led you to trust in Christ. Sing a Christmas carol and think about the words. Tell everyone you see, “Merry Christmas.”

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God With Us

Sermon from December 16, 2018. The text is Matthew 1:18-23.

Challenge:  Find two twigs outside, take some red yarn, and tie the sticks together in the form of a cross. Then hang the cross on your Christmas tree, right in the front, as a reminder of the ultimate message of Christmas. Jesus came to save us from our sins.

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