Delightful writing drudgery

Any aspiring writers who read this title might wonder what on earth I am talking about. For those who talk about writing may just be enamored with the glamor of writing success. There is something heady—I agree—about seeing your name on a book’s cover. Even if that cover adorns a proof copy, for several years the “reward” of winning Nano. Aspiring writers, especially those who never have gotten around to actually writing, don’t understand most writing comes from drudgery.

I am at the stage of my month of writing that the initial fun of writing is over. I’ve trudged through thousands of words amid the daily grind of living. My story is coming along well and I like how it is developing. Especially the unexpected.

A simple writing prompt phrase turned into an idea for an entire chapter. I had not planned or plotted the chapter but now I am just about to conclude it. It fits in nicely with both the character development as well as furthering my plot. Surprises are nice.

But unplotted story for me takes work. Work can be drudgery. The need to concentrate and focus increases as I think and write. At times like this I push myself to write. As three quarters of the month is over I need to push and plod on in my writing. It’s no fun, let me tell you, to prop my computer bag on my lap, place my laptop on it and write for my two hour daily commute.

But this drudger is also delightful. Why? Because a story is developing. Without the daily grind I would not be moving along in my story. I wouldn’t see my character grow and the tension build. Only through the drudgery does the reward come to me, the writer. The reward of a finished story.

Today I trudged on knowing that only by passing through this drudgery will I ever achieve my desired rewards—a book cover with my name on it.

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