The social aspect of writing


I passed through my adolescence during the wonderful late sixties and seventies. I remember the turbulence of the anti-war protesters (I was on the younger end of the age range). I remember the sit ins and I watched the premier showing on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In. Now I am fast reaching the end of middle age. Ow, that makes me feel old.

Now I do what I want to do especially as I comprehend that the years remaining in my life are fewer than the ones I have already experienced. I write. I enjoy writing. Ultimately writing is a personal private experience. Although I prefer to write in the quite of my study at home I also like to be where the action is. This year I am writing on a commuter train. That makes the time fly and is more productive than game apps on my phone.

I also enjoy the Nano regional write-ins. In various places, mostly libraries and coffee shops, people come together to engage in the solitary act of writing but in the company of others. How encouraging to know other people are engaging in the “crazy” project of writing 50k works in 30 days. Maybe I’m not so crazy. We also visit some and have our word war competitions to see who can write the most words in a set time period. I’m not the greatest at those, but they are still fun and I find I often write more words at a write-in than if alone.

I appreciate the Nano Regional organization and especially the Municipal Liaisons, volunteers, who coordinate the many activities of the regions. All with the express purpose of encouraging people to write their 50k words.

For me this social aspect contributes to my overall satisfaction. And I shall write on as I write-in.

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