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When I share with friends I intended to write a blog on my Nano 2013 experience they looked at me oddly. Well, they already think me odd for attempting (and succeeding) to write a novel each November. “On top of all of that you are going to write more?” Sounds crazy right? But all writers have at least a smidge of one delusion—that of grandeur. The grandeur of creating a world, giving it life, and sharing that world with others. I grant I have that delusion.

As I think about their comments first I wonder if they aren’t right. It is crazy to write something besides my novel in November. When I considered a blog I decided I wouldn’t write the blog if I hadn’t written at least 1,677 words on my novel for the day. Even when I am ahead of pace to complete the novel I won’t start my blog until I’m done.

I also realize I have a peculiar reading pattern. Most people I know start reading a book and finish it before starting another. Not me. I have five or six books I read simultaneously. They are in a stack by my easy chair. I read a chapter from one book. When finished I put that book on the bottom and read a chapter from the next. Maybe I need the variety to keep me stimulated. Maybe I bore easily. But that is my pattern.

In my writing I see a parallel. For many years I have kept a daily (well almost always daily) journal. In this I incorporate observations on my life, what I read, and some prayers. Not once in the seven (now going on 8 years) of Nano have I skipped writing in my journal so I could work on my novel. While still writing (of a sort) it is different enough to keep my fresh when I go back to my novel.

The same applies to my blog. In my blog I am writing about my writing. The exercise keeps me sharp and while I continue to write. So this year I cycle through my three types of writing each day: my journal in which I write about my life experiences; my novel when I relish the creativity of telling my story; and by blog where I reflect on my writing experiences.

My desire is to be a writer. Not simply a novelist, but one who craft is words. And so today I write in the style which suits me.

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