Back-up plan

I had a fright today!

I’d written on my way to work on the train as well as on my commute home. Thirteen hundred words, almost the 1,667 words I need to reach my writing goal for the month. Then at home after a nice supper I wanted to finish my goal and my laptop froze. (By the way it snowed today, maybe that is why my laptop froze.) None of the tricks I know got anything to work. No cursor, not nothing and then a blank blue screen.

So when all else fails reboot. Right? Word has a recover feature which saves all unsaved documents. Feeling confident I held the button until the light went off. Then waited before restarting.

I pull up the document open one with my story. My heart sank. Nothing I had written on the train was there. I reopened the document. Then just when I was going to give up for the day I clicked on the word “RECOVERED” on the bottom of the screen.

Relief. The version I saved at 4:49 PM this afternoon was there. Presto. Magic. I had all my words back. Invigorated by this serendipity I wrote beyond the magic number. I wanted to work in the writing prompt: crackled like dried plaster. My characters are in space for mercy’s sake. Plaster? Actually did work it in.

Now this brings me to a practical feature of writing. Back up your work. I save a new version every day and date it with the current date. But if my laptop goes all fritz then that’s not going to help. Well my daughter to the rescue. She’s been begging me for pages to read. So I sent her a copy of what I’ve done so far. That way I’ll have access to it should my computer ever, well you get it.

Relieved and tired. It’s time to call it a day.

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  1. Rebekah

    And your daughter, who used to be able to snatch the pages from the printer to read them daily or pry them from your fingers, has languished without updates for all but one day this month… so she rejoices!

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