The life giving paradox


My wife says I come alive in November. Something about getting the creative juices flowing sparks me on. I enjoy the story coming from my mind though my fingers and onto the screen. Even when I am not in a writing flow my story often seems to have a life of its own. I become pleased and often surprised at what happens and how my characters act and develop. When the story becomes alive almost independent of my conscious efforts how can I not get excited by what I create.

So, I feel life. I am excited about the chances I have to write and I look for ways to write. I am not one of those authors who hides his/her work and doesn’t share it with others. For me part of the process if letting some of the people closest to me in on my story.

First, they give me feedback. Generally they like what I write. Who doesn’t like affirmation and praise? I know I enjoy it. That first year when my wife asked me where were “her pages”? I felt such satisfaction and delight I willingly got out of bed and printed the pages. My wife also asks clarification when things don’t make sense to her. Most of the time she’s pointing out a structural weakness in my story. This helps me make a correction (or at least plan one) before I have to rework too much to make a correction.

Second, this takes (for me) the isolation out of writing. So much of my writing is done alone. Although I tend to be an introvert, I also need people. Desperately. So when I share my writing I break out of my internal world of me and become a part of us. Life involves interaction with others around me and for National Novel Writing Month to be life giving is not just that it gives life to me. It also enables me to share that life with others.

What a paradox. I write for myself. Yes, I hope one day to publish, but I still write for the pleasure I receive from the act of creating. What a sense of power (an almost divine power) to create a story where there wasn’t any moments ago; to see that story grow and expand; and to know it came from me. My thoughts and ideas have become a story—a story I want to share.

I give life to my stories—they give life back to me—and I in turn share that life with others.

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