Back on track

Today I shook my writing up a bit. Good thing too as I am back on track emotionally with my writing. It usually takes me a little time to get on track for Nano. This year proved no different. Probably the only difference or at least the major difference was how depleted I was to start the month due in large part to my new extended commute. Tomorrow I get to experience attempting to write on the train to and from Chicago—but that will be for tomorrow’s blog.

I’m not happy with that, nor with the progress I had (or had not) made so far. So the first thing I did in my writing time today was to plot my story. I have mentioned that I am a seat of the pants kind of writer. I let my story flow and develop in an organic way. Usually I plan out the starting point the ending point along with four or five plot points along the way. Then the story goes where ever I let it.

But this year I felt adrift and without focus in my writing. I suspect this comes from my not having plotted this story in my head for years like I had for most of the other novels I have written. So I started my writing time plotting my story. It took about forty five minutes to map out eleven plot points. I did them sequentially. My usual procedure is to follow them sequentially. Yet, I do not have to do that.

Still I finished up the scene I’d started over the weekend and then went on to the next one. I had put enough structure in place for the story writing to flow. What I had been missing in my writing over the weekend came back. I became excited about my story and had fun writing.

Isn’t that what writing should be about? Excitement and fun. How can I expect anyone else to enjoy what I write if I am bored with it? Today I was not bored at worse or indifferent at best to my writing. As a result I added almost 3,800 words to my novel. Since I write about 600 words an hour that’s a lot of time writing. (It didn’t hurt that I took the day off to write.)

What is better yet is that I am over a day’s worth of words (1,667) ahead of where I need to be to finish with 50k words for November.

My writing life is good today.

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