Writing and Significant Life Events Anniversaries

In an earlier blog I mentioned that my wife knows me well. Today she hit another out of the ball park. “You know, David,” she said, “if you check your journal you’ll find you had difficulty writing on November 1st last year also.

She’s right. I’ve had difficulty writing the first of November. At least for the last four Novembers. In 2010 I struggled. I’d taken the week off to jump start my novel writing, but the Wednesday before my mother entered the hospital with what we came to learn was a rapid onset leukemia. Around 12:30 PM Monday, November 1st my brother called from the hospital in Florida. When he choked up on my name I knew it was THE CALL. My mother had passed away. That year I lost the first week of November even though I did attempt to write a little each day.

In September someone suggested I take time on the November 1st to work a tribute to my mother into my writing. So on I incorporated the characteristics of my mother into one of my characters, a Matriarch of her family surrounded by mementoes of her children and grandchildren. Still the actual writing was difficult to start.

So, now I acknowledge that this anniversary of such a significant life event has marked me. November 1st has ceased to be the start of National Novel Writing Month. It’s now about my mother. Next year I’ll write, but not set myself up with any high goals. To start writing is enough.

And today I filled with too many tasks. Fortunately I attended a write-in with four other participants of my home Nano region. I made progress on the novel. Slow progress, but progress it is. My novel’s word count is up to 3,662, just slightly over pace to reach 50k by November 30. I may write more, but I have meeting at church this evening. So I’ll post this early. Rest may be what I need.

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